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Small Animals

Small animal vet services and treatments

Skilled veterinarians to provide veterinary care for your dogs, cats, birds, rabbits/guinea pigs, reptiles, and other wildlife. From vaccinations and preventative care to surgery, radiology, ultrasound & chemotherapy.

Services & treatments


We offer full dentistry services and expertise for all small animals (even rabbits!), with vets with further training in this area.  We offer scale and polish services to reduce halitosis (smelly breath) and plaque/tartar build-up, surgical extractions of teeth if required, and ongoing support regarding oral care at home and prevention of further periodontal disease.

Reproduction / Breeding / De-sexing 

We offer affordable de-sexing with skilled surgeons with top standard techniques/equipment and with reassuring post-operative support and guidance.  In addition, our All Creatures Shoalhaven Heads clinic is linked to the National Desexing Month campaign for those families requiring assistance.

Vaccinations and parasite control

We offer best practice vaccination programs incorporating a triennial vaccination protocol for dogs and support with preventative medicine tailored to each individual animal and owner/family. Furthermore, we offer microchipping and parasite prevention and control including external (e.g. fleas and ticks) and internal parasites (e.g. heartworm and intestinal worms).


Our skilled staff can always point you in the right direction regarding the most up to date nutritional recommendations. We stock a wide range of premium pet foods, but if we don’t have it on the shelf we can always order it in especially for you. We taper our advice to your individual pet’s situation whether they may be healthy, skinny, overweight, or have special nutritional requirements due to underlying internal diseases. We can also offer weight loss programs with ongoing support and monitoring. Come in and have a chat to our staff.


We are skilled in diagnosing and staging neoplasia (cancer) in our patients. As trying as the experience of managing a family pet with cancer is, we offer personable and compassionate care, to help you through this time. We offer a range of options from palliation to chemotherapy, with the opportunity of support from oncology specialists if required.

Diagnostic equipment – x-ray, ultrasound, blood tests

We pride ourselves on our excellent array of diagnostic equipment. Our technology includes:

  • In-house blood collection and on the spot analysis for a wide variety of conditions. Meaning we can have your animals results in just minutes, and we can get on with treatment right away. We also have access to IDEXX Telemedicine, an external support from veterinary medical and pathology specialists, helping us to deliver the most up to date recommendations regarding ongoing testing and treatment plans.
  • Comprehensive digital radiology and advanced ultrasound facilities including echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) to monitor cardiac disease. With access to specialist interpretation of your pets images if required.
  • ECG and blood pressure monitors for routine monitoring during day to day procedures and for intensive care of emergency cases.
  • Access to advanced imaging, including CT and MRI, with specialist interpretation by veterinary imaging specialists, without having the transport your pet outside of the Shoalhaven region.

Advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery 

Berry Vet Clinic have Veterinarians experienced in both soft-tissue surgical procedures and advance orthopaedic surgical procedures. We have Vets with advanced training in this area, including TTAs (stifle surgery). We can also offer experience with patella surgeries, and fracture repair. For the really advanced procedures we can arrange referral to specialist surgeons that we work with closely.


We provide access to high quality 24 hour emergency, critical care, and hospitalisation 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our vets are experienced with emergency practice.

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